Time to finally retire U413 once and for all.

Time to finally retire U413 once and for all.

Do you ever look at somebody in a choppy relationship and just shake your head at how many times they break up and get back together? Well that's my relationship with U413. Years ago when I was just starting out I created U413 as a fun little toy. It experienced a tidal wave of popularity for about a year before I made poor decisions that killed it off. Nevertheless U413 still maintains a small cult following that kept it on my mind and made me want to resurrect it. I've quit the project several times, re-built it from scratch three times, and I've even given it away to others to maintain once or twice.

I've gone on to do a lot of fun things in my field and I've worked at many jobs since the early days of U413. The site has been back in my hands for half a year or so and I'm realizing once again that it is managing to stay on the back burner as it has in the past. I feel bad that I keep making false promises to those that still cling to the hope that the project will come back with a force to be reckoned with. At this point I feel it's time to accept the reality that my first pet hobby project needs to be retired.

I should note that the work I put into the latest version of U413 was totally worth it and the projects shotgun and shotgun-client won't be abandoned. They have been fairly popular in the node community and have even proven useful in several other projects I've put together. It's a nice quick way to throw a low-level scriptable terminal into any node web application and I have no plans to retire the shotgun project.

You may have noticed that both U413.com and StartOfTheInter.net now point to a brand new U413 subreddit. I know that it's not the same as having an "underground" geeky terminal-style forum but it's at least a place for you guys to continue interacting with each other without having to find alternative ways to connect with people you may not know beyond their U413 username. I have no way of moving content or user accounts to the subreddit so you guys will have to duke it out and claim your usernames as fast as you can (unless it's already taken on Reddit or you already have a Reddit account you prefer to use). I know that asking politely won't stop many of you from "trolling" others by taking their usernames but I'm going to ask that you try to be courteous anyway.

I apologize to you all for keeping your hopes up for so long. I plan to drop into the sub fairly regularly; which will be easier now that I won't have guilt for having neglected the code for so long. I do like interacting with all of you so I hope that you'll embrace the subreddit so we can continue to have awesome and hilarious discussions.

- Alex