Rule #1: Don't talk about Stack Overflow on Stack Overflow.

I learned a lesson today when asking this question. Never mention Stack Overflow itself when asking a question. Even if the question is blatantly a programming question, users will not read it and they will migrate it over to meta.

When structuring a question it is important that you first describe the desired behavior and/or problem without any frame of reference. After you have done your best to clearly describe what you're looking for, then post a heading called "Examples" and use this section to show off some known examples of the issue at hand. The way a question reads is easily the most important factor in getting the desired answers.

If you don't follow this and you do what I did, you'll just be forced to sit and watch your question spiral out of control. Once it has crossed a certain line of controversy there is no bringing it back. Just remember to be very careful about how you provide context in a question, especially if the desired behavior is a behavior of the very site you're asking the question on.