Pardon The Dust

Pardon The Dust

I am currently in the process of migrating over to a new blog engine. I'm finally moving away from my made-from-scratch application in favor of something far more awesome called Ghost. During this transition most of my older blog posts will not appear because they have yet to be migrated over to the new database. Please be patient as I put the pieces back together and get Ghost up and running.

Update: Older posts have been successfully added to the new database. Legacy URLs don't work quite yet but they will very soon. Comments are not yet enabled either so please be patient.

Update: Everything is working now except for comments and code snippet syntax highlighting.

Update: We're live! Comments installed, syntax highlighting is working, and we're off to the races!

Please let me know ( if you find any broken URLs :)

If you'd like to know more about Ghost and why I'm making the switch, read on...

Ghost is a blog engine written entirely in node and was funded via Kickstarter. It's completely open source and is maintained as a non-profit organization. I've decided to switch to it because I think it's a great example of the community coming together to create something for the community.

I recently wrote a post about how it's okay to use frameworks in your projects and why you should stop re-inventing the wheel. Well, I decided to take my own advice and stop re-inventing the blog. Now that there's a node-powered blog engine created by a group of very skilled developers with lots of experience creating blogs it seems kind of silly not to focus my efforts there instead.

I plan to contribute to the project, possibly even becoming a fairly regular contributor. It's one of the first open-source projects that has really intrigued me so much that I really want to be part of it. I'll be sure to post updates with how that goes.

If you'd like to learn more about Ghost yourself then I suggest you head over to and check it out. Start by watching the little intro video; they did a really good job of conveying what Ghost is and why they built it. I'll be honest the video is at least half of what sold me.