How to Match Any Color on Your Screen

Have you ever been coding something or editing something in photoshop and been frustrated trying to match a color on your screen but never getting it quite right? This bothers me all the time and wastes valuable programming time. I don't want to have to sit and adjust hex color codes letter by letter trying to match a color in some image or on another website.

Luckily I ran into a little widget called Pixie by Nattware. It has saved me a lot of work. Pixie is a very tiny standalone application that shows you the exact RGB values of the pixel directly under your mouse cursor. Even better than that, it gives you the hex color code for it. It even has keyboard shortcuts for fast copying; CTRL + ALT + C will copy the HTML hex color code to the clipboard. Pixie minimizes to the system tray and stays out of your way, allowing you to use the keyboard shortcuts without ever opening up the tiny window.

Although it's a standalone app, nothing stops you from creating a shortcut and placing it in your windows startup directory so that it starts up with windows. I highly recommend downloading this application.

Download Pixie(.zip, 8.9kb)